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Welcome to the Butler County Ohio Fire Chief's Association website.  We represent all of the Fire and EMS agencies that are located within Butler County.  There are 21 Fire & EMS agencies throughout Butler county that ensure the safety of our residents and visitors.  A list of those departments are here.  We are a proactive association always moving forward, searching for the best ways to serve our communities.  The association is dedicated to building lasting collaborative relationships with our local and county constituents. Without those relationships the level of service provided and supported would not be exceptional.

With the exception of our Fire Investigation Team, all of our other special operation teams are fully supported through the Butler County Emergency Management Agency.  Without this collaborative effort these services would not be available to our communities.  

The association supports a scholarship for anyone in Butler County or a Butler County firefighter to attend a fire/rescue/EMS related program.  This is a new program started by the association to encourage people to become involved in public safety.  This scholarship is for $500 dollars.  The application can be found here.  

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